Activity Report 2004-05'

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During this period we had 39 clients who took treatment in our centre for residential therapy.80 persons came for Day-counseling sessions. In June 2004 we shifted from Subhash Nagar to Nimbuwala, Garhi Cantt.

On 15th April 2004 we conducted awareness session at Panchayat Office, Doiwala and 100 persons participated.

On 12th May 2004 Nijaat did awareness session at Doon Youth Centre from 2pm to 5pm and about 50 persons attended the session.

On 20th September,2004 Mr. Aloke B. Lal Additional Director General of Police, Uttarakhand visited our centre and conducted an awareness session on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. After Mr.Lal’s session Nijaat did awareness and information session and 125 persons were present at the session.

On 27th and 28th September 2004 Nijaat did Drug Abuse Prevention Workshop at Welham Boys School of Class 9th and 11th.

On 29th September Nijaat did street play on addiction at Welham Boys School Assembly and 500 students and 30 staff members watched the awareness play.

On 5th October 2004 Nijaat and Welham Boys School did 4 street plays in various parts of Dehradun. At Krishna Palace 80 persons saw the play, at Paltan Bazar 100 persons saw the play, at Doon Hospital 60 persons saw the play, at Gandhi Park 150 persons saw the play.

On 4th November 2004 we did awareness workshop at Doon Bible College, Green Valley, Rajpur Road and 75 students and 6 staff members attended the workshop.

On 9th November we did awareness workshop at Girls Inter College, Kaulagarh. 100 students and 10 staff members participated in the workshop.

On 13th November 2004 we did awareness workshop at New Theological College, Kulhan, Sahastradhara Road and 80 students and 4 staff participated in the workshop.

On 30th January2005 we did awareness workshop amongst Children and Students of Manurbhav Sansthan at Kaulagarh Village.

On 26th February2005 we did awareness workshop at DOON SCHOOL for class 11th and 12th students and 75 students and 6 staff members participated in the workshop.

We did awareness in different areas of Dehradun such as Garhi Cantt, Rajpur, Bhauwala, Maldevta, Aam wala, Ballupur, Seemadwar, Kaulagarh, Sahastradhara, Balawala, BhagatSingh Colony, DefenceColony, Rampur, Sahaspur, Dhakrani, Bakralwala, Majra, Vikasnagar, Bhanyawala, Bhogpur, Raipur Block, Doiwala, Gandhi Gram Kanwali Road, Herbertpur.

6 Articles were written on Nijaat in different Newspapers during this period.

During this period we started awareness in schools such as Welham Boys School with whom we first did a workshop in their premises and then went out in the city to do street theatre in different parts of city. We did awareness workshop with Girl’s Inter College, Kaulagarh, and the students did street theatre in their school function to make the participants aware about Drug and Alcohol Abuse. We also did a workshop at Children’s Academy, Tagore Villa and did a workshop with senior students of DOON SCHOOL. We did workshop at Doon Bible College and New Theological College. Regular outreach activity was done in different parts of Dehradun including the outskirts of the city. Articles on Nijaat were written in a couple of Newspapers.