Activity Report 2008-09'

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During this period 120 persons took admission in our residential treatment programme. The Residential treatment includes motivating people for treatment, taking care of their detoxification,conducting therapeutic and counseling sessions for them on issues such as consequences of Addiction,Addiction as a disease,Anger Management,Behavioural Change,Importance of attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Meeting,Relapse Prevention etc,Teaching them Relaxation Techniques and post treatment follow-up.

On 19th April Nijaat and Welham Boys School hosted an Inter-School discussion and workshop on Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Junk food Addiction and Sex and Pornography Addiction. 12 School participated including WoodStock, Doon School, Welham Girls, Hope Town, Asian, St.Joseph Academy, RIML, Modern School, Barakhamba Vasant Valley and Sherwood College Nanital participated. Dr Kuldeep Dutta was the Chief Guest and Mr. Aloke.B.Lal DGP ,Uttarakhand Police did a presentation on Addiction Amongst Youth.

On 26th May workshop on Drug abuse was held in Hotel Surabhi organized by “Anugraha” from Delhi and M.K.P College.

On 26th June Nijaat and UASACS conducted a workshop at Hotel Aketa on the occasion of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Mr Keshav Desiraju, Principal Secretary Ministry of Family Welfare and Health, Uttarakhand was Chief Guest, Mr. Aloke B. Lal DGP was Guest of Honor, Dr. A.P Mamgain, Deputy DGHS, Dr Dhyani, APD, UASACS and about 100 participants were present.

On 30th June Nijaat attended meeting organized by Aichek Bureau Counseling services run by Uttarakhand Police and informed people about AA and Nijaat.

On 12th July we did awareness workshop at Carnival Academy Garhi Cantt for School students.

On 20th July we did Workshop at P.A.C Haridwar, Uttarakhand Police for P.A.C personnel, their family members. Present on the occasion was Superintendent of Police, Commandment and P.A.C-Ms. Sachdeva Raman.

On 18th August Information Desk started at Doon Hospital Dehradun.

On 16th August we did workshop at Gawelon, Rajpur amongst 45 youth.

On 2nd September Nijaat did an Awareness Workshop at Welham Boys School with Class 8th students, followed by Nukkar Natak Practice.

On 27th September Nijaat along with Welham Boys students did an awareness campaign at the railway station and the Madrasi colony. Also on the very same day Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal , Health Minister, Uttarakhand appreciated Nijaat’s work at its counter at the Doon Hospital.

On the 4th and 18th October an Awareness Workshop was organized for 12th class students of the Kendriya Vidyalaya, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.

On 13th and 18th October, Nijaat conducted “Street Theatre Training Programme” for the students of Welham Boys on Addiction and Communal Harmony.

An awareness programme was conducted with the slum dwellers of the Bindaal Bridge slum on the 24th October. About 75 people participated in that programme.

On 1st November an Awareness Workshop was organized for 11th class students of the Kendriya Vidyalaya, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.

An awareness workshop was organized in Latika Vihar on the 24th and 25th November.

On 9th December, Nijaat was included in the State AIDS Council (a group of NGOs that interacts and advises the state government on HIV/AIDS issues.

On 13th December an awareness workshop was organized on the topic of “Drug Abuse & Prevention” for the staff of Himalayan Torchbearers.

On the invitation of Khristh Jyoti Academy an awareness programme was conducted in Pheni village, P.O. Dhanpura. About 150 people were present for the programme.

On 17th February Nijaat team did a Nukkar Natak (Street Play) on the Prem Nagar vikram and bus stand.

On 1st March Nijaat alongwith Latika Roy Foundation conducted an awareness programme at Parade Ground, which was attended by dignitaries like Mr. Ganpathy, Inspector General, Garhwal, and Mr. Nilesh Bharne, Superintendent of Police, Traffic and Mr. Amit Kumar Sinha, Senior Superintendent of Police.

On 7th March Nijaat along with Latika Roy Foundation conducted a street play on “Awareness and Disability” at the Bindaal Bridge.

On 25th March conducted an Awareness Workshop at the Woodstock School, Mussoorie.

On the 29th March Nijaat was presented with the prestigious “DOON RATAN AWARD” by SHRDA organization.

During this time frame Nijaat was covered by leading newspapaers, magazines and TV channels like Garhwal Post, Hindustan Times, Time TV, Dehradun Live, Doon Plus, Education world, etc.

During this period 35 articles on Nijaat were written in various Newspapers.