Bobby Cash

The past decade has seen increased awareness of and concern for drug addicts and increased ability to effectively treat them… for drug addiction is a serious disease of the brain and drug addicts are not necessarily bad people but victims of their illness. Thankfully, there are full-time self-help groups and organizations now such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) dedicated to providing drug addicts with the help and support they need.

There are still those who believe this condition to be the result of poor judgement, or perhaps a flawed character, but the consensus among modern health care professionals including the American Medical Association (AMA) is that drug addiction is definitely a disease.

Why an addict is something secondary compared with the fact that the addict is a person seriously in need of help. Whether the addiction is a result of genetics, environment or upbringing or a combination is not as important as the fact that basically these are sick and hurting human beings and as such are people who don’t need our condemnation of judgement. They are rather people who need our support, help and encouragement to be able to kick this habit. Our support may be just our sympathetic uncondemning attitude but it could be a milestone in such a person’s life.

I have never taken drugs in my life but being part of the music industry, I know musicians and entertainers who have sadly destroyed their lives due to this terrible problem. As such I would strongly appeal to all, but especially young people to refrain from drugs. To my fellow artists and musicians and aspiring musicians I would say that music in itself gives such a high, that the use of drugs is totally unnecessary.

To benefit from the power of music, you need neither education nor intellectual understanding. Music can heal and strengthen if used properly. Allow good music to flow into you and around you. At least some emotional negatively shall be cleared from the mind…

To people, who in some way are involved with or have something to do with drug addicts, I would just appeal- give all the help and support you can. It may be difficult for some who have faced these problems, to completely forgive and forget all the transgression that the person may have committed as a result of the addiction but remember they were incapacitated by a very serious illness. It could be that their previously irrational behavior was most likely irrelevant to their true personality, the one finally asking for and deserving your help.

To those who are into drugs but would like to come out of the habit, I would appeal to you to seek all the help you can. You can live once, so best to make it a worthwhile time. As you kick off the habit, live one day at a time and keep away from people and situations that could weaken you from your mission to save yourself.

Try to understand that Godly principles of living in love, giving, forgiving and enjoying life’s good gifts to us can give us the true… and lasting…high and make us experience the joy of living without having to resort to harmful substance abuse.

My message to all is… please say no to drugs, as drug addiction is a destroyer. Recovering from addiction is a process as everything in life is. It is worth that effort and the patience required for it. Renewed energy, as well as renewed feelings of clear headedness and self-worth are things of great joy and worthy goals to strive for. In an imperfect world, full of imperfect people, this is one silver lining found within the cloud of drug addiction, so please say no to drugs.