Steve Palmer


Most people I have met received plenty of advise in their lifetime; I have known far less who have left understood because someone took the time to listen to them. For someone who struggles with an addiction there are even less listeners available because the addicted person’s behavior and beliefs tend to push others away. Realizing one of man’s basic needs/desires is to be known and understood, it is ironic that most people give advice before taking the time to value someone listening to them.

Out of the 5 individuals you shared your feelings with how many times did you get an advice before you felt listened to and understood? Some of you may share your feelings rarely or not at all because the disappointment of not being heard seems too risky. There is a need for more genuine listeners in the world.

Someone has said principles we’ve been told to value our lives quicker than those we’ve decided to value. How can someone personally value another’s advise before they feel someone has really understood them or their situation? How can someone receive advise if they are having a hard time understanding their situation? Listening to an individual often helps them to understand them self and their situation, which aids them in choosing principles that will be helpful to them.

In my life the people who I tend to gravitate toward when I have a problem are good listeners. Often after talking to them I feel lighter and see my situation more clearer. Sometimes I ask them “Thank you so much for your input!”. People who genuinely listen tend to influence in our lives than those who just give advice.