Dr.Tony Sargeant

International Christian College

Glasgow Scotland

Drug addiction is becoming the scourge of the twenty first century. With poppy growing flourishing again in Afghanistan the market just of opium is flooded. The young and not-so-young around the world are in trouble. It is a modern form of slavery which binds people to a force which they cannot humanly speaking over come. The Gospel message has within it promises of freedom and bondage breaking. This is why our Lord came into the world to set the captives free. We are all called to the ministry of liberation in general and particularly to the pathetic addict.

The addiction has a domino affect. I have been with street prostitutes in several countries. Why do you sell your body I have asked, and the answer has been: ”to satisfy the craving for drugs”. Most crime on the streets of cities in the UK is drug related. And here, in our beloved India, the problem is the same and the drugs are even more easily available.

I am desperately concerned that the ministry of Nijaat continues. As I sat a few weeks ago with the director and heard the problems of the two dozen men going through the detoxification process, I committed myself to try and help stem the possibility of closure. I was impressed by the success of the program - few similar attempts at drug relief have a fifty per cent recovery rate. I am alarmed that an initial five year sponsorship has drawn to a halt. I appeal to others to get behind this remarkable ministry of release and relief which gives life and hope to the addict and credibility to the Gospel.